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Failed to initialize IOMMU

2 | submitted by neeraj | posted in ra1nstorm | 14 days ago | 64 views

I've setup and enabled VT from bios. There was no option specific for VT-D. I've attached the logs.


My laptop is Sony VPCEB14EN. Conf: https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/support/laptop-pc-vpc-series/vpceb14en/specifications

Added 6gb ram for this jailbreak lol.

Can you please check if this system is capable enough to run the ra1nstorm. Everything went well including xubuntu installation and mac os setup. After connecting the phone in last step to add entry in grub, it asked for reboot and now I can't run the Mac OS. It shows the error mentioned below:

Log: Failed to initialize IOMMU. Please make sure IOMMU (or VT-d) is enabled in the advanced settings in your BIOS.


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