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ra1nstorm forums, huh

2 | submitted by squeakycleanswine | posted in ra1nstorm | 16 days ago | 845 views

Okay, this is epic. New ra1nstorm forums? What, how is this possible?

[+] 2 Jhonyyy | 16 days ago

Hello i have a problem whit qemu is freeze

[+] 1 ObviouslyAce | 15 days ago

Where does it freeze, while at the part where it looks like a console or at boot screen?

[+] 1 sliki96 | 15 days ago

freezes while installation of mac os. I am trying with installed xubuntu, and when I start installation of mac os, I have only 34 gb avaliable on my partition for mac os. I think that is problem because runs out of space, because my xubuntu partition is full after it freezes.

Any fix to increase available memory for vm?


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