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iPhone not mounting to MacOS VM

1 | submitted by techzip45 | posted in ra1nstorm | 13 days ago | 403 views

hey, anybody got a solution for me getting my iphone to mount to the macos vm? xubuntu detects it but macos dosent

[+] 1 Atsgnad | 13 days ago

I had this issue when I was using v0.9.3, this is how I fixed it:

Assuming you're in X/Ubuntu

  1. Close the virtual machine
  2. Unplug everything from computer including ethernet cable and any dongle you may have. Only leave Keyboard/Mice and iPhone connected. (Personally using USB 3.0 (Blue) works best).
  3. Open ra1nstorm.run using "bash ra1nstorm.run" in terminal.
  4. Patch USB/VFIO
  5. When the Reboot button is available, click it and reboot back into X/Ubuntu.
  6. Rerun ra1nstorm like in step 3 and BootVM. (Sometimes it will freeze X/Ubuntu but the VM will work just wait).

Some tips if still not working: Make sure port is not damaged or cable is snagged. Make sure cable is OEM or has data capability and not just charging.

[+] 1 alfredp | 12 days ago

Do you know How long it takes for it to unfreeze?


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