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What is yaddu?

yaddu is a site where users can create communities for topics which interest them. Communities can be viewed in 3D with our new and original VR mode technology.

What is the "VR mode" view?

VR mode is an experimental feature that presents a community as a 3D place. The design can be customized by the community's moderators.

Why doesn't VR mode work on my device?

VR mode requires a modern browser. It works with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

More specifically, Safari 11+, Chrome 70+, Edge 17+, and Firefox 60, but Internet Explorer is not supported.

Can you unban me from x community?

Admins do not interfere with moderator actions in a community unless they break site rules.


No, we won't.

Can I become a moderator?

If you want to become a moderator of an existing community, you'll need to contact them. However, most likely they will say no. Another option is to create your own community.

What is umail?

The user mail system ("umail") allows users to send private messages to each other and to a community. It is also used to notify moderators of reported posts.

How do I report a post (or comment)?

Click the "report" link under that post and select what you want to report it for.

Can I promote my product or service?

Hrmm, probably not. Unless you have participated previously, other users will likely see it as spam.

How do I create a community?

Navigate to the home page and click the button on the sidebar labeled "Create a community."

What types of 3D models are supported?

At the moment, only MMD models (PMX/PMD) are supported. You can easily search for them online.

How does OurTube work?

OurTube uses peer-to-peer technology based on WebTorrent to provide optimum performance for your videos.

Why can I only upload MP4 videos?

Due to technical limitations, we cannot currently support any other formats.

I have more questions...

You can ask your questions in the help community.